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Posted on November 4, 2010 12:25 PM EST

Congress will begin it’s Lame Duck Session on November 15 th.

Reid has signaled Democrats would likely vote against a wholesale extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.

So much for compromise , Obama and Reid have no intention of moving to the right ,even if it might help the economy.

Obama may be playing hard ball and provide a last minute Executive Order that will make him look like the ” Good Guy ” who overcame partisan politics to look out for the average American.

Bill Clinton would have done it that way as he was a smart President .

What else will unfold in the next few days and weeks ?
Expect to see the media to shift a bit to the right and appear to actually do some objective reporting.

Why now ?
Money, plain and simple .

Fox had a huge number in the election coverage 6.96 million viewers in prime time on Tuesday, compared to 2.42 million for CNN, and 1.94 million viewers for MSNBC.

Fox had 3.06 million viewers on election night in 2006.

That is a huge increase and shows that cable news viewers are deciding not to tune in to the left leaning slant of networks like MSNBC.

MSNBC was widely criticized for its coverage , and with a new owner taking over , rumor is that many things will change .

Reporters are aware of this transition and will take their career in mind , easy choice their career or Obama’s.

The Networks played the game for over 3 years and now the honeymoon is over .

CNN has recently made changes and I would think more are to come , as far as MSNBC goes , it may not even be recognizable in its current form after Comcast starts running things .

Networks have to start doing responsible reporting or lose the revenue .

Newspapers are struggling and they must “recalibrate” also.

Suddenly we will see more of the Liberal columnists follow Maureen O’Dowd’s path

The new Senator from IL ( Mark Kirk ), will be a net gain in the Senate so it may be harder to get bills through in the Lame Duck .

Mike Pence has already tipped his hand .

Soon Romney and Gingrich will throw their hats into the ring also

How long before Hillary emerges ? Will she make a statement when she returns stateside ?
I think perhaps she waits until the new Congress is sworn in, then announces Obama has been ineffective due to his inexperience and she can no longer bring change in her role under her leadership , and she will resign to concentrate on building the apparatus to bring ” real change to America “

Make no mistake she will run, and as Obama stumbles, fumbles, and disenfranchises himself from the average American citizen , it only plays into everything Hillary said on the campaign trail in 2008.

The DNC will quickly embrace Hillary and expect a good 18 month campaign to emerge .

CNN has released a poll that shows that Huckabee leads Obama 52 – 44 percent, while Romney has a 50-45 point advantage, and Obama holds a 49-47 percent margin over Gingrich.

I do not think any of these 3 are strong candidates and that just reinforces that Obama has lost his rock star status among the swing voters.

Boehnor will quickly go to work and he has planned for this day , do not expect him to waste one minute .

Today Lamar Smith, the San Antonio Congressman who is in line to become chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee is promising ‘a number of investigations and oversight committee actions’ which he vows will ‘hold the administration accountable,’

Smith said that reform of the 14th Amendment, which grants automatic citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants who are born in the U.S., is also an issue his committee may take up under his chairmanship.

Expect Jeff Session to provide full co operation in the Senate .

Redistricting will favor Republican control of the House for a few election cycles .

Tuesday’s verdict will accompany a perfect storm .

1) The best way to have a wave election is to have the other party control the presidency during a bad economy or some kind of major scandal, we have the poor economy and investigations will provide Democratic scandals

2)Republicans had their wave election at a very convenient time, putting themselves in position to control numerous state legislatures and thus control the next round of redistricting, which will last a decade.

3) The cluster of blue areas has been even more compressed ,and redistricting plays against Democrats.

How many Democrats will switch parties and become Republicans ?

The President and some of the media may try to say that Republicans are ” obstructing “, but now most Republican bills in the House sail right through , and then the scenario in the Senate will be reversed , all of a sudden Democrats will be voting no.

I think Boehnor will emphasize this and use audio and video clips to show Obama’s hypocrisy.

The media slowly moves right , but it will be more obvious once the new Congress is sworn in.

When will we see reporting on the 34 warships Obama is taking to India?
The 200 million dollars per day he will spend while in India with his massive entourage ?
Sadly , it probably is not to be .

Obama, should have acknowledged he needs to re evaluate his agenda an policies , he was asked this question several times Wednesday and flatly said he didn’t think that was the case.

10 questions and 47 minutes to answer them.

Energy policy, green cars ,I will look at all good ideas.

Same tired, old, worn out, answers to almost tough questions presented to him, by a White House press corps that seemed to magically morph overnight .

He sounds like an old scratched vinyl record .

Will the cabinet resignations begin once Obama returns with 3,000 staffers on their expensive 10 day tour abroad ?

Obama had a great chance to pivot , announce that the country was amid another ” emergency / crisis ” and that it wasn’t wise to leave right now , and he needed to stay home to tend to business ( let alone save over 1 Billion dollars )

NO, Obama is sure he is the smartest human on the planet and the rest of us are to stupid to think for ourselves , and are only here to serve and amuse him .

The dynamic has changed in the House , the Senate will likely flip in 2012 .

All across America, most voters chose to elect representatives that would try and reign in spending and fix the horrendous Health Care reform mess

Obama is staying on course , he only has two paths , another term , or use this as stepping stone to the United Nations ,and a bigger revenue stream of socialist payouts from people like SOROS .

Watch for the small signs in the coming days, the message is being sent , Obama is the poison pill, either push back or swallow an extra handful.

Pelosi will likely resign rather than hand the gavel over in shame .

Oher lawmakers who know they will be investigated by Republicans now instead of Democrats will resign by January .

Maxine Waters should make quite a show of herself .

What about Eric Holder ?

I would think his handling of the NBP case will be in the cross hairs also.

The media has come along way since it dismissed the ” Tea Party “.

It still has a long way to go ………

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