Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Obama in chorus with TOTUS will speak to his humble subjects today at 1PM EST .

These unscheduled events only occur maybe twice a year,so be sure to tune in.

Will he allow questions ? If so, will he call the reporter’s names off a sheet of paper in order to ensure the pre arranged questions are asked in proper sequence ?

Can we expect him to make statements like this?

*It is time to put partisanship aside and move forward .

* I have listened to Americans and will be replacing key advisers.

* Change didn’t come quick enough , and I should have done a better job of explaining it so mis information and fear were not created.

Sure he will .

Now if it is remotely believable is another matter !

Next Obama will rattle of a list of eye popping revelations!

*The $200 million per day cost of his trip to India that will use over 40 vehicles, 100 cars ,and the complete booking of the 570-room Taj Mahal Hotel, to accommodate his 3,000 person entourage .

The average annual income in India is $460,86% of the population lives under $2 per day; 44% lives under $1 per day.

(I guess it must be a plan to study and implement a new standard of living in America .)

* The election results were a vote on his failure as President.

* Uncertainty of Obamacare is preventing new hiring and job creation .

* He will sign any bill that is submitted to him to repeal Obamacare.

* All the Czar’s he appointed in the past will have to have to be voted on and confirmed in the Senate.

* All unused Tarp funds will be canceled and returned back to reduce the deficit.

* All loans and bailouts will be paid back in 90 days or assets of the corporations will be auctioned off.

* Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will receive no more money and pay their bailouts back in 6 months or be liquidated.

* He will support investigations and subpoenas of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the NBP case.

* The DOJ will cease and desist all efforts to impede SB 1070 in AZ.

* Janet Napolitano will reverse course and she will be made to complete a secure barrier along the southern border she previously abandoned, and make it priority 1.

* Terrorism from the Mexican gangs is a huge threat and 50, 000 ARMED troops will be deployed in the first of many deployments to defend the border.

* ICE will detain and deport any and all illegal immigrants.

* Every one in the country illegally will be charged and prosecuted with fraud of government services , if fake Id’s or SS # are involved they will be arrested as terrorists and held indefinitely in Guantanamo.

* He will VETO any bills that have earmarks or do not adhere to ” pay go “.

* He will sign any bill that defunds or repeals ” doc fix”.

* He will sign any bill that cancels any part of Obamacare that exceeds the cost estimate provided by the CBO.

* He is for returning ALL spending to levels of the last budget Bush signed ( FY2008).

* He will VETO the FY2011 budget Pelosi would not allow a vote on before the election and let the new congress submit the 2011 budget to rectify Pelosi’s abuse of power in handling of the FY2009 & FY2011 budgets.

* It is ok for American’s to watch FOX NEWS , and he was wrong about FNC.

* All records of his personal life will be revealed , but not limited to just School records , adoption and birth records , Harvard Law Review articles , passport records , selective service records , in short he will lead by example in his promise of ” transparency”.

* Vow to never again say he ” inherited this mess “, and take ownership for his lack of success in his administration.

* Admit that he completely blew the oil spill crisis and apologize for being critical of Bush’s handling of Katrina .

* The Bush tax cuts are vital for the economy and need to stay in place.

* No more vacations other than to established locations in the U.S. traditionally reserved for Presidential vacations

* Retract his rule about calling terrorists , a ” man made disaster” , and return to calling them TERRORISTS, and state he knows 70% of Americans are against the GZM and he will uphold their will.

WELL at least I got ONE correct out of 30

Obama loves to play golf and sooner or late he will ask Boehner to play a round of golf.

Boehner should say.

” I wish I could find time , but I am so busy repairing the mess I inherited from you and Pelosi that I don’t have time for golf “

Obama ‘s ego will not let him abandon his far left agenda.

The United Nations has strict guidelines.

Anti-American , Socialist , Corrupt ,Redistribution of wealth , and believing in a world currency.

Obama has come to far to throw in the towel now .

Obama refused to meet with or use any of the ideas of Republicans when he had an overwhelming majority in the House and Senate .

Compromise with him is fool hardy and should be avoided at any and all costs .

Can any candidate up for re election in 2012 take a chance of the appearance that they support this egomaniacal narcissist that occupies that now occupies the Oval Office ?

America spoke last night , and there will be lots of spin about why or how we came to these results.

It is an OVERWHELMINGLY vote against Obama , his policies, and radical agenda.

Plain and simple.

Stay tuned , as soon Hillary will tell you this when she resigns so she can enter the

” Hillary in 2012 ” mode.

Expect to see resignations from Obama’s advisers , and corrupt lawmakers who will now face House investigations .

The investigations are coming and they will be very revealing.

How bad will the Sestak ,Romanoff , Obamacare vote buying and NBP investigations be ?
The tip of the iceberg……

Many Democrats ran on a platform of being against Obama, Pelosi , Tarp, and Healthcare

Most lost , but some survived .

Going forward a vote for an Obama policy or agenda is the first vote that ruins a congressional career.

Obama faces a tough time the next 2 years ,his ego and ideology will not permit him to pivot and compromise with middle of the road Americans.

NO, Obama was hand picked to be a radical ,far left ,destructive President to ruin America ,so the jealous underachievers around the world could relish in the fact America has been weakened .

Obama has inflicted damage that will take DECADES to be repaired , IF the damage can be repaired .

I don’t think it can be repaired ,in all probability we are going to have to settle for no longer being the most powerful and affluent nation on the planet , living our life with diminished freedom and tinkering on the brink of insolvency , that may be the best we can hope for .

Obama and his radical pals can’t be allowed on more inch in this country .

Compromise is not an option , Boehnor needs to bring the bills to the floor , have them passed and sent to the Senate .

Obama must be forced to either sign the bills or VETO them , either way will make him a one term President and we can spend years and years deciding if he or Carter was the worst President to hold office since 1900.

Obama had his chance , he promised transparency, accountability and the end of corruption and business as usual in D.C , he didnt simply just lie, he never had any intention of implementing any of these ideas .

Maybe Boehnor can render Obama impotent in the next two years.

Maybe he and the 112 th congress will be no better than the 111 groups that preceded them .

It is obvious from the election results last night, most believe ANYTHING is better than the group Obama has pandered to and surrounded himself with.

The vigil begins all over again , we must hold EVERY member of the White House and Congress personally accountable for their actions!


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