Saturday, December 12, 2009


12-12-2009 1:05 PM EST


1) as I predicted Tiger DID issue a statement saying he was taking some time off from golf.

2) Elin is reported getting a re negotiated " pre nup" to stay with Tiger .

3)Michelle Braun (Madam ) was sentenced last month to 3 years' probation for money laundering and transporting a prostitute over state lines.

Madam Michele is now on the record admitting she arranged wild weekends for Tiger .

She said: "He had a pretty big appetite for girls. Never just one girl. He would want to set up a whole weekend of partying and have ten or 15 girls 24/7.

"In an average weekend in Las Vegas he'd probably spend $30,000 or $40,000."

"He liked girl-on-girl. He had sex with them together. He was tough to keep up with - days at a time on a booze and sex bender."

That should just about answer any questions about Tiger and 3 ways .

4) Ashley Samson ( The Botox Lip blonde in photos with TRAB #1 ) is said to have spilled the story to the National Enquirer after a cat fight with Rachel ( Trab 1 ). Ashley is suddenly quiet and un available for comments ...Tiger hush money at work here .

5) Rachel Uchitel and Kalika Moquin once worked Together at a High end night club in Las Vegas

6) Ashley Dupree has issued a statement scolding the loose lips of the TRABS .I guess she feels these gals have violated the code of ethics for call girls / escorts.

7) A new unidentified TRAB ( older than Tiger and smokin hot ) has come forth and said she tried for 2 years to secretly get pregnant ( unsuccesfully ) by Tiger .She like other TRABS say Tiger always had unprotected sex .

8) The name on Tiger's yacht has been covered and supplies are being brought on board .


1) Did TRAB # 1 really sleep with Tiger at Derek Jeter's Trump World Plaza apartment?

2) Can Jeter weather yet ANOTHER sex scandal involving him ?

3) Did TRAB #1 sleep with "Bones" hunk David Boreanaz for fun or money? Will Boreanaz face media scrutiny and lose his role on Bones ?

4) Can any one be indicted under RICO statues ( TRAB #1 & #3 are likely co conspirators )

5) How many Trabs will appear in Playboy and similar magazines ? ( TRAB # 3 is going to realize her dream and I wager TRAB #1 poses also ).

6) Is Tiger sailing away on his yacht ( which has a registry from The Cayman Islands ) a move for privacy or a fore thought plan to avoid being taken into custody ?

7) If Tiger's boat is registered in CI , does he have OTHER corporations , entities , bank accounts and assets that would be hard to identify and freeze?

8) What is Allred's plan? Is she going to claim Tiger's " carelessness " has ruined the lives , and slandered the names of the assorted TRABS under her representation ?

9) How many paid appearances or modeling jobs has NIKE awarded to TRABS ?

10)How many paternity suits will we see come from TRABS to come forward in the future ?

11) How long before the unsafe sex is questioned and how many will claim Tiger gave them a STD ?


1) LAW and Order will air an episode that mimics Tiger ( with their usual disclaimer about it being a story based on fictitious characters and plots )TRAB scandal, with the detectives flying to Vegas to interview TRABS

2)Saturday Night Live will have lots of skits about Tiger , and they go from the tame " I got hit with a golf club" , to sex orgies with TRABS and really air Tiger's laundry .Look for the on the new episode airing 12-12-09

3) Tiger boards his yacht and sails off to parts unknown, likely a destination that is under UK LAW or perhaps a country without an extradition treaty with the USA.

4) NIKE makes $800 MILLION a year from Tiger golf gear . NIKE will start being pro active and try to limit their liability and cover up their involvement in the whole TRAB scandal .

5) Tiger will use lots of lawyers to delay him from having to give a DNA sample ( small coincidence he wouldnt give the FHP a sample isn't it ?)

6)Explicit details of Tiger's Kinky behavior ..something tells me he is a FREAK

7) You Tube videos about Tiger and the TRABS go viral .

8) Details about Tiger's extravagant gambling ( $100K a hand ) and his enormous bar tabs are leaked .

9) MONEY every one wants some, and we will see any and everything bought by the tabloids and news organizations .

10) Tiger makes about $100 million a year in endorsements, wouldnt he really be smart to start writing checks for 3 million and up ? surely 200 million should shut every one up .

11) Tiger becomes the modern day " Howard Hughes "


Surely some one is going to claim Tiger was fascinated by Transvestites , I mean what else could be left ?

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