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12-9-2003 12.45 AM EST

Contestant # 11 seems to be Ms. Veronica Siwik-Daniels, aka JOSLYN JAMES.

JOSLYN likes to make films ,films that have very naughty Titles .
JOSLYN seems to have a penchant for yardsticks and makes sure she always has one handy at school, work or even at home in case a FRIENDLY Cable TV repairman or , plumber ,yard man , or swimming pool technician should " happpen by "
Whether she is "teaching school" or "bored at home " or a MILF out on a hunt looking for MILF BAIT ,suddenly observed by the roving " MILF HUNTER TV CREW " she has her handy yardstick with her !

With TWO well established PORN STARS out in the open , its a pretty sure bet we will see all kinds of JOKES , parodies and yes we now have two ladies that can star in a PORNO with a a " look a like " Tiger co star .

Perhaps we need a quick glimpse into Tigers mindset .As a little boy Tiger gleamed a great bit of knowledge ,information ,and inspiration .One adage that has always stood out in Tiger's mind is

"Son if it F**KS, FLY'S or FLOATS , it always cheaper to RENT than to OWN "

Tiger took that advice and heeded it well .
Tiger has playmmates ,lots of playmates and to help deter GLOBAL WARMING, to conserve BTU 's & Co2 emmissions I will use the acronym TRAB .

TRAB'S (Tiger's Rent A Babe )

Rachel Uchitel (TRAB #1) Immediately grabbed lawyer GLORIA ALLRED and " lawyered
up "

Kalika Moquin ( TRAB #2) 27-year-old club manager from Las Vegas would neither confirm nor deny the report she could even SPELL Tiger Woods .

Rachel is taking care of the party favors in NYC, While Kalika arranges the party in Vegas.
Who is handling the Orlando are? Is the Bahamas worked out of the same office?

Who is arranging the " Gathering of MILF'S and models " in London?

Australia ? who is in charge " Down Under " ?

Tiger has a big playground ( the entire globe ) so naturally his needs demand a selection of world wide playmates .

This is no "casual indiscretion " Tiger has his best team of lawyers , business managers , and entourage engaged in finding ,managing , assuring discretion, and keeping a pipeline of TRAB'S for his amusement .

Oh it is all quite legal and contracts are signed . Tiger is paying a few females to supply him with VIP treatments and the " employees "are full compensated for " providing something other than sex " like "witty conversation ", or their theories on current " avoiding global financial deflationary situations ".

Just imagine the gentleman that supplies " bartenders " for the local "convention/ shindig "
Pure COINCIDENCE they are all middle 30's attractive ,sexy and when the clock strikes midnight suddenly they have found a "playmate for the night " some where in the crowd while they were " bartending " .

Tiger was bold and brazen right here in America, I bet his escapades in Europe are the ones that really knock him to his knees .
This is going to be a HUGE media event and sports stars, movie stars , high profile personality's will all get the chance to be named ,when they are " naming names " .

Porn Stars only make about 150k a year .They also will stand at your Trade Show Exhibit in Vegas for a few hundred bucks. They also tour a set area as a " featured dancer " in the "gentleman's club" .They also moonlight as Escorts " in Las Vegas.

Tiger probably figured that out really quickly and decided for 10 - 20 thousand an encounter he could single handidly evaluate the " talent " of quite a few of the Porn Stars .


1)How much is Tiger paying his two " party planners " in NY and VEGAS? 200k a year " retainer '?
2)Are TV reporters and executives involved in suppressing the " behind the scenes" actions of Tiger from reaching the general public?
3)Which government officials will be swept up into this with the women involved with Tiger ?
4) If large sums of cash were exchanged has tiger or the TRAB'S violated federal or IRS laws ?
5) Who is the Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 9? she is reported to be a “sexy” British TV presenter who was single at the time, but is now married.
Is she one of Tiger's first adulterous playmate and possibly similar ethnicity ? Is she a powerfull financial analyst,that Tiger had a " Genuine Affair " with years ago and is afraid of being drawn into the downward spiraling whirlpool of kiss n tell ?
6) How long before Obama, Rush, Jesse Jackson, some host on "THE VIEW " or some similar person commits a faux pas by uttering something on air about this ?


1) Divorce .She has Tiger where she wants him now . The prenuptial is thought to be 300 million .I Think she she will tell Tiger " give me 500 million " and I walk away no questions asked .
2) Photo's all of a sudden everyone will have "modeling photo's " for most of the TRAB'S
3) Tiger will have to make a new announcement and say he is " separated " from ELIN and entering " counseling " for his " transgressions"
4) The "side sandals " that spin off of the people who are implicated with Tiger and the friends of the TRAB'S that suddenly have their face posted along with the Tiger Woods Scandal
5)The lid is blown off in Britain and we find out Tiger has a " permanent floating " operation on every CONTINENT that he ever sets foot on, to supply him girls , prescription drugs , and any all the sordid fun that he could demand ?


Several TV Networks are negotiating rights to produce a TV game show .

"1 vs.100"

Contestants try to pick the 10 females out of 100 that slept with Tiger and did it for fun and not money .
David Letterman is said to be under consideration for HOST of the show.

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