Friday, December 11, 2009


12-11-2009 5:40 PM EST

14 long days for TIGER since he " kissed the fire hydrant ".

Here are the updates :

1) Gloria Allred has issued a statement in which she declares an " Anonymous Mistress " (we will call her TRAB #12 ) has retained Allred's legal representation .
TRAB # 12 might be a 40ish smoking hot MILF who had a multi year affair with Tiger .
Allred also stated she was representing "a number of women" in regards to Tiger Woods.

2) Joy Behar of the VIEW ( I asked how long before this would happen in my 12-9 post)
Has had an apology issued on her behalf for calling Rachel Uchital a " HOOKER " on an airing of " The View'

3) TRAB #13 is reported to be model " Loredana " .Loredana was a nude Playboy "Cyber Girl" in 2004. Lordena is on " Model Mayhem" ,which is a high end alternative for " Craig's List " Loredana said she worked for former Madame Michelle Braun.
Braun told the New York Post that Woods paid $15,000 to be with Loredana.

I guess that just about answers any questions if any of these gals are highly paid escorts and advertising on the internet for their " companionship" .

4) Holly Sampson in addition to being a porn star has been a $ 600.00 an hour ESCORT for the last 7 years .Holly was apparently a PAID participant at Tiger's bachelor party and won a " topless audition " and slept with him the night of his bachelor party .

5) UK courts have issued a ruling BANNING any nude photos or Videos of TIGER
The court order prohibits the publication in the United Kingdom of "Any photographs, footage or images taken or obtained of the Claimant naked or any naked parts of the Claimant's body or of him involved in any sexual activity."

Tiger's lawyers had this to add "Our client is not aware of any images and in any event he would not have consented to any such photographs being taken nor would he have consented to the dissemination or exploitation of the same."

Additionally , "in the event that these photographs do exist, and it is not admitted, any such images may have been fabricated, altered, manipulated and or changed to create the false appearance and impression that they are nude photographs of our client."

Well I guess that pretty much answers any questions about TIGER shooting video with Porn Stars in LONDON .


1) Why do so many females need legal representation ? I think TAX EVASION is going to bite quite a few people

2) Can Tiger's assets be " frozen " once the lawsuits are filed ?

3) Could Tiger's wife ELIN and his children lose any or all of the money promised to her in the prenuptial because of all the greedy , hookers , porn stars, gold diggers and their lawyers get all of Tiger's money ?

4) Tiger's romps have take place across state lines and continents ,can anyone be guilty of conspiracy or promoting prostitution and it be handled by the FEDERAL PROSECUTORS?

5) Who will be the first person to release a " hidden video " of one of Tiger's entourage offering " HUSH MONEY "

6) How long before we see " blow up sex dolls " being sold in Tiger Woods Image ?

7) Will any of the females claim Tiger talked to them about doing a 3 way with his wife ?Why has she (ELIN) made no comment ? Is she just riding the GRAVY TRAIN and knew all along about Tiger's playmates and kept quiet?( This would put her in the same category as the TRABS ).

8) Has Tiger ever attended "SEX CLUBS " or " SWINGERS CLUBS "?

9) Can Tiger , if divorced , lose the chance to visit his children because of his " SEXUAL ADDICTION " ?


1) Some how a few of the companies paying Tiger the mountains of endorsement $$, or people who work for them will be implicated in providing benefits , money , giving jobs , or aiding in arrangements for Tiger's TRABS

2) Tiger will have to announce he is taking a " hiatus " from golf until this scandal is finished being splashed across the universe .

3) Gloria Allred files legal paperwork asking the court to freeze / allocate a pool of money that can be used to pay the " potential victims " she is representing .

4) Tiger's lawyers or a JUDGE will create a TRUST or some other financial diversion to make sure his children get something ( or more importantly so he can be like OJ and can continue to receive $$ from a source that can not be garnished ).

5) Tiger is getting help from powerful influential people who are implicated also ( especially in London) and soon this will leak out also .Politicians? PGA officials? TV executives ?

6) New women in Australia and ASIA will step forward and admit they are also TRAB'S

7) Detailed records of cell phones, hotel reservations , escort fees ,airline flights ,checks and payments ,jewelry , furs ,cars will become visible and some of the GALS will "plea bargain " ( expect TRAB #1 to be the first to get good ole GLORIA to strike a deal with the FEDS on her behalf )

8) Sadly we are going to see a few females be exposed in this scandal that moved on since being a TRAB and now have a husband , children ,and a respectable life .

9) INTERPOL and the FBI share notes and try to figure out which laws were broken and who should get charged and who gets immunity .

10) Members of the US government will be implicated in this scandal and will resign .( You dont think they were going to give Tiger a CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL " because he was a good golfer did you ? NO tiger was sharing the fun with other powerful and super wealthy people )


Tiger paid 60 THOUSAND for Threesomes with a few lucky females.

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