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12-8-2009 1:50 PM EST

An ongoing glimpse of the people and events in Tiger's Scandal.

Day 12 of the " TIGER WOODS LEGACY "

Tigers Mother -in-Law is rushed to the ER form Tiger's home.

Has Elin Woods really left Tiger , but yet her MOM stayed behind ?

Many of the facts in this saga have common factors .

1)Most of the women work in high end nightclubs and usually in the VIP circle .
2)So far all have been white.
3)Clustered in a few cities LAS VEGAS, NYC, and ORLANDO.

The "circle of friends" seems to be large ( and growing daily ) and until recently remain cloaked in secrecy .
This string of women in different cities would be a full time job for someone ( an arranger ) to manage .
Making travel arrangements for women to coincide with Tigers itinerary , yet be totally separate would take good deal of planning and logistics and leave a paper trail .

It would appear TIGER spends a great deal of time in high end night clubs .

Questions to be asked

1) What are the common factors are in the night clubs ? Are they owned or managed by common corporations or people ?
2) Who was arranging the travel and hotels and meeting times for Tiger ?
3) Are these women working as " escorts "? When will the questions of escorts and prostitution arise ?
4) Why are women who wish NOT to be Identified retaining lawyers ? Obviously there are records of cell phone calls , texts , and emails. What actions ( criminal ) have these women engaged in while being jetted around the world by Tiger ?
5) How many prescriptions medications is Tiger taking ? Is one doctor prescribing the drugs to him ? Is there illegal drug use ?
6)How many women will be linked to TIGER in Britain or other foreign countries ?
7) How many women have participated in making ADULT FILMS ,Posed in ADULT Magazines, or offered their "escort services" on "Craigs List " or similar venues?
8) Will the mountain of money Tiger has spent on his extra marital affairs be questioned and who will develop tax issues from this revelation ?
9) Will the benefactors of Tiger's endorsement contract be unable to cancel his contracts and instead just not air or run any of the ads going forward ?
10) Where are the feminists groups ?Why are they not criticizing TIGER ?


1) A rash of Tiger themed porn films and actors with names similar to the players in the real life drama.
2)Voice messages, texts ,emails, and Photo's of Tiger and his escapades.
3) Video of Tiger and his playmates?
4) Offers to appear in Men's magazines ..which two of the mistress will do a joint photo layout ?
5) Lawsuits .....lots of lawsuits !!
6) More women, LOTS MORE come forward and we learn Tiger was having even more fun across the Atlantic Ocean .
7)People will come forward and say " I knew it was going on and kept quiet , but here is what I know about it "
8)The liberal US media will see it START to spin out of control ,and then minimize the coverage and ask everyone " to respect the family's privacy and give them a chance to heal "
9) the British media will dig deep ,very deep into this story and report it to all .
10) The scandal will spill over to other athletes , Movie stars and other personalities . Illegal drug use will rear its head up .

It is a Heidi Fleiss " escort service " scandal all over

The list of women currently in Focus with Tiger .
1.) Rachel Uchitel.( NYC ) The club hostess was the first to get a Lawyer ( Gloria Allred ) Lives in NY and may have already taken 1 MILLION in hush money

2.) Jamie Grubbs. (LAS VEGAS ) 24-year-old reality show contestant and cocktail waitress claims she carried on a 31-month-long affair with Woods until his crash last month. She offered a Woods voicemail to prove it.APPEARING IN PLAYBOY

3.) Kalika Moquin. The 27-year-old club manager from Las Vegas is reported to have had a brief sexual relationship with Woods. She would neither confirm nor deny the report.

4.) Cori Rist. ( NYC ) The 31-year-old swimsuit model reportedly met Woods at a Manhattan club last year before they began a sexual relationship that led to Woods flying her out to various secret locations for hook-ups, and her introducing the golfer to her 7-year-old son.

5.) Jamie Jungers. The 26-year-old, who sold her story to a British newspaper, is a former employee of Trashy Girls Lingerie. She said she met Woods in Las Vegas.

6.) Mindy Lawton. The 33-year-old pancake house waitress from Orlando claims she was dumped by Woods in 2007. According to the Post, it was her affair with Woods that was caught on camera by the National Enquirer, when he was snapped dropping her off at her trailer park. The threatening news later led to a Woods Men’s Fitness cover in exchange for the magazine’s silence about the alleged affair, the New York Post reports.

7.) Holly Sampson. The 36-year-old from Los Angeles is a former porn star, who has starred in such films as “OMG, Stop Tickling Me” and “Flying Solo 2.” According to the Sun, she has neither confirmed nor denied her affair with Woods.

8.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 8. A former cocktail waitress from Orlando, Fla. does want to reveal her identity yet, according to her attorney Michael O’Quinn. But this she has said: at the time the affair allegedly began, she was 20 years old and met Woods at the Roxy in Orlando, where she was a VIP server.

9.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 9 is reported to be a “sexy” British TV presenter who was single at the time, but is now married.

10.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 10. is reported in a UK paper to be a “sex-addicted cougar.”

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