Monday, August 31, 2009


8-31-2009 10:39 AM EST

A familiar theme......just another video that OBAMA and his legions of commies and terrorists would rather censor off the internet than let you view .Could this be racial profiling or Racism as the victim is white and the cop is black? Alas its not, because this USED to be America.Katie Couric has an AWARD WINNING ( and lowest rated ) TV Newscast ......will she show it ? Will Matt Lauer put it on Today for millions to see ? ?Olberman could this be the most evil person of the day ( the protester of course )? How about ABC? Will Jake or George have the courage to show this ? And LAST AND Least how will Obama's court jester Robert Gibbs handle this question if asked at the daily briefing ? I am sure he will say " its a local matter and it would not be appropriate for the President or his team to comment or get involved ( unless of course the man was black,a former communist party member, Harvard faculty member, and friend of OBAMA) OBAMA has divisiveness and racism alive and well .Obama's new polling numbers indicate he has sunk to a level only eclipsed by Reagan and Gerry Ford..and he did it in just 7 months with out being exposed by the media ina major criminal scandal or giving pardons to anyone who participated !Imagine what we have to look forward to !!


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