Wednesday, August 26, 2009


8-26-2009 11.45 AM EST
Ted Kennedy has passed away .This should conclude the decades of corruption the Kennedy family has wielded in our government.Caroline was disqualified earlier ,and most of the nephews are accused or convicted murderers or rapists.
Joseph Kennedy made his fortune as a bootlegger during Prohibition. It is reasonable to believe that JOE blackmailed the same officials he bribed during prohibition to gain power and political clout , which he passed along to his sons . Ted should have rotted in jail for the vehicular homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick .The word Chappaquiddick became synonymous with deception and abuse of power.How could a 38 year old man drive his vehicle off a bridge ,resulting in a passenger drowning , then turn himself in 10 hours later and never be charged ?
Members of John F. Kennedy administration arrived in Hyannisport to write the apology . Local official were no doubt aware that crossing the PRESIDENT of the USA would be political suicide ( if not real suicide ..just ask Marilyn )Throw in a few paper bags stuffed full of cash and delivered by the union thugs and you get a free pass.
When I was young boy I often heard grown men remark that the assassination of the Kennedy men were the best things that ever happened to our country .
Modern forensics and technology WOULD solve the mystery of JFK .Funny how many patsy's and people were killed in open view to keep any chance of the truth of ever coming out .It so obvious, that even OLIVER STONE .....a well known liberal made a film questioning the investigation and outcome .
Ted Kennedy made a career out manipulating facts and planting the roots of socialism. Every one in Massachusetts can get on their knees and thank Ted for the liberal politics and socialized medicine that has their state on the verge of bankruptcy.
Ted was instrumental in getting the law changed when Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, to prevent Romney from appointing a CONSERVATIVE replacement for the US Senate .Last week Ted sent his goons out to have the law changed again, so the Governor could APPOINT a replacement rather than hold an election to find a replacement for Kennedy's seat .This is the HEIGHT of hypocracy! Should we really expect anything less than this from Ted ?
Ted should have stepped down from his Senate seat long ago. He is never in DC and to sick to vote , this is not serving his constiuents , but rather penalizing them .Power often breeds greed and corruption ,and since Ted was genetically pre disposed to all 3 he succombed very early and easily .
The passing of a human life is sad and I do not rejoice that Ted is dead , although I am glad his corrupt reign of power has come to an end .47 years is way to long for a corrupt,greedy man of NO character to be influencing our country .
Will we find out in the END that Ted " HEROICALLY " committed assisted suicide as an example for all Americans to see and sway the health care debate ? How many will speculate that Obama was in on this and took his vacation in Martha's Vineyard to sensationalize Kennedy's death ?
Liberals love to re write history to advance their agenda .....expect no less with the legacy of Ted Kennedy .
Perhaps Obama is right , maybe their is hope......Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy have both been removed from the Earth and no doubt many more innocent people are safer today as a result of that .
Americans should recognize Ted Kennedy's death , but lets keep it in perspective .....he was a vile man born from the loins of a criminal Racketeerer , he and his relatives abused their power and hurt many people while on this earth.


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