Monday, August 17, 2009

Seizure of colonial bank will reuslt in criminal indictments and a seperate investigation of Auburn University

Bobby Lowder resigned from Colonial bank in June.Simuel Sippial JR was named Chairmen of Colonial Bank on June 3 2009.Sippial's appointment puzzled many because he had retired from IBM over 20 years ago and didnt have a traditional banking background.Friday August 14 2009 federal regulators seized Colonial Bank and turned it over to BB&T .Will BB&T relocate people to the massive state of the art facility Lowder built for Colonial Bank in 2006? One thing is for sure,THOUSANDS will lose their job over this failed bank.Colonial is the largest bank to fail in 2009 and will drain 2.8 BILLION out of the 13 BILLION the FDIC has set aside for bank failures. Now for the part your not going to be told.FOB JAMES was governor of Alabama once and when he ran for re election he stated his first act in his new term would to be an investigation of corruption at AUBURN University by Bobby Lowder.Jimmy Rane has about 450 THOUSAND shares of COLONIAL BANK shares and is a huge booster and advertiser for the Auburn football program . I estimate Rane's loss to be over 5 MILLION .Ranes along with Lowder are deeply invovled in the Auburn football program and control the whole university.Lowder gathered influential Auburn boosters and local businessmen when Colonial bank stock hit 6 dollars.Bobby convinced them to pour MILLIONS of their own money into his bank by purchasing shares .The shares surged to 8 dollars then quickly fell to below 3 dollars and from there traded in a range of 40 cents to $1.50.Lowder has ripped a lot of people off ,and the FBI is every where looking for rats.Lowder will be taken down by his friends and enemies inside of Auburn University , they will serve him up to the feds .Lowder was heavily involved in the ERIC RAMSEY scandal and hid behind his frat brothers to make deals and communicate with coaches at Auburn so he could not be connected to the payments made to players . Now things are different and these same friends and business associates will be receiving visits from those nice guys in the blue suits and dark sunglasses.

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