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Obama's new TAX plan that is thinly disguised as a massive Health Care entitlement will cause Doctors to flee the workforce or reduce the number of patients they will treat .

Let's take a look at a hypothetical situation .

The setting is a typical practice with 2 Doctors .
The practice would also employ 12 additional "staff" .

Doctors typically work 4 days per week .
$400,000.00 for each doctor is a very believable gross income .

Under the current Tax brackets each Doctor would be in the 35% bracket and pay about $140,000.00 in taxes , leaving about $260,000.00 BEFORE any state or local taxes .

What happens under Obama's new Socialist Medical plan ?

The Doctor now finds he is in the (minimum ) 43.9% bracket ( keep in mind it can be as high as 46.9% under Obama's plan ).
Now the Doctor is over the $250,000.00 cap , and is going to pay much more in taxes !
The tax liability is now $175,600.00 , leaving the Doctor $224,600.00 before state and local taxes !
Additionally the Doctor would have the HONOR of paying an extra 2.9% Medicare tax !
That makes the Doctor net about $213,000.00.
The financial reward for your Doctor's efforts has now been reduced by 19%

That's HOPE N CHANGE everyone wanted right ? Do the same work make 19% less ?

What is a smart Doctor going to do ?
He is making 20% less , why not cut back some and play more golf ?

Cutting his work load, seeing fewer patients and reduce the amount of taxes he pays seems like the smart way to go .

Going to a 3 day workday, his gross now would be $300,000.00.
The tax liability would be $131,700.00 , factor in the 2.9% Medicare penalty ( $8,700.00) and that leaves about $159,600 before local taxes .

What happens if he cuts his patient load in HALF ?
Now he is below Obama's threshold and would land in an entirely lower bracket !!
The Doctor would now land in the 30% Tax bracket .
His $200,000.00 salary would now lose $60,000.00 dollars to the IRS and be exempt from Obama's gracious offer to pay an extra Medicare tax .
Now he has $140,000.00 before state and local taxes .

Hmmm work only 2 days and only take a 12 % pay cut?
What would you do if you had the option to work 1/3 less hours and only lose 12% of your income ?

What if the Doctor decided he wanted to make , oh lets say, %249,000.00?
His tax liability would be $74,700.00 , leaving him %174,300.00 before state and local taxes ( and no added Medicare tax ) .
Well now that sounds like the best option, work 2 days of 9.5 hours each and call it a week .
March into your employer's office and tell him you are going to work 17.5% less hours and he needs to increase your take home pay by 9% !!

The Liberals in control of our government leave many questions unanswered in their Government take over plan .

Will ALL doctors be required to accept ANY insurance plan that emerges from this Health care take over ?(many hospitals and doctors currently will not accept Medicaid ).

Currently Doctors do not have to accept Medicaid ( it only pays about 65% of their customary fee schedule ).
Medicare is going to take a 500 BILLION dollar hit so , it only makes sense the fee schedule would go down ,and the Doctor would stop accepting Medicare also !!

How does it handle a wife who is on the husband's insurance plan ?
Will EACH employer be FORCED to supply insurance for every employee and force you to come off your spouses health plan ?

Obama's has said " you could keep your current plan if you want to " , and that " people who cant afford insurance would be subsidized ".
Someone has to pay for the people that cant afford insurance ( this would be the NEW TAXES Obama swore would never happen )

The reality is , the doctor you are happy with will be forced to make hard decisions.
He will " ration " his time to a group that has the insurance plan that pays him the most for his services .
This group would be comprised of local or state employees ( many times Union members ) ,that have Blue Cross, Humana ,United or another MAJOR health insurance plan .

The Doctor will have his office manager run a report of all the patients with Blue Cross, then he would take JUST the patients that work for the city or state , and inform all other patients he is referring them to another Doctor.

The practice keeps JUST enough patients to slip under the $250,000.00 cap .

What does this mean for the average American ?

Will your employer decides to keep your current group health plan , rather than pay the 8% penalty and force you into the " government pool of plans " ?

Here are a few examples :

Example 1
Walmart worker makes $15,000.00 per year .Insurance would cost the employer $ 250.00 a month , or $3000.00 per year .Walmart could simply pay the 8% penalty ( and put the employee in the desirable situation of paying a 2.5% penalty if he does not find an insurance plan ) .
What will Walmart do ? Pay the 8% penalty ( $1200.00 ) or buy the $3000.00 insurance policy ?

Rejoice in the fact, that either way as a consumer, YOU GET TO PAY FOR IT!!!

Example 2
Male with a wife and 2 children making $60,000 a year .
Employer provided plan costs $1200.00 per month ( and figure they pay 80% of the premium ).
This would cost the employer $11,500 per year .
Employer has the option of paying the 8% penalty of the workers salary ($4800.00),
OR pay the FULL amount of $14,400.00 for the insurance policy .

What will your boss do ? If he cancels the group plan he has given you a $10,000.00 salary DECREASE !! ( and adds $6,700.00 to the bottom line without buying , selling , or transacting any form of business )

MAGICALLY the 8% penalty is more cost effective up to the $250,000.00 salary cap ( if you are making 250K per year you probably live in a state that the group plan would be $1600.00 per month or more )

I used VERY LOW cost examples for the insurance policy, check your local rates, and find out for your self !

Let's assume you retain your Blue Cross insurance , and you want to see the Physician you have seen for years , decades, and in many cases for generations.
The office manager will inform you, that the practice has cut their patient load and can no longer retain you as a patient .

Obama has promised you can keep the current plan that you are happy with, trouble is that the penalty for your employer makes it almost impossible for him to keep your plan.
The Doctor you have seen for years no longer will see you .
Obama is telling the truth you can keep this plan , but it is really no good to anyone, as you can't find a doctor that will see you !!

Soon the private insures all go out of business, and you are forced into the " Government Plan "

This plan allows you to go to work every day, and work hard ,and worry about your job security in this tough economic down .
Your reward is to have an inferior health plan, much like the plan that people on the welfare role enjoy today ,and liberals moan about being inadequate .
One might ask , why not just quit your job and become a " government dependent ".

This is the devious side of Obama's evil socialism!
Throw in amnesty for illegal aliens , and we may never be able to vote the tyrants out of office !!

More taxes , job losses, rationed health care , long waits for procedures ,inability to see your current doctor ,and Private insures cease to exist .
These are the rewards of Obama's " Vision " !

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