Friday, March 5, 2010


3-5-2010 9:50 AM EST

Thursday afternoon a 36 year old man attempted to enter the Pentagon .
Security guards asked for his ID, and the man reached into his pocket and produced a handgun and opened fire on two security guards .
The 2 Security guards injured in the incident are recovering in the hospital and both are expected to survive.

Reliable sources report the identity of the man as John Patrick Bedell , a 36 year old man from California .

Make no mistake this man is a TERRORIST !!!!

Bedell is "911 Truther " , he believes that the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center were plotted and carried out by our own government .

How long before the U.S government changes its stance and admits this ?

Bedell has a previous conviction for cultivating marijuana ( he must be to stupid to apply for medical marijuana ).

Sadly ( for liberals ) , the media will not be able to connect this lunatic to the "Tea Party " movement .

Perhaps the media should start keeping score ? Times are tough in America, and it looks like the Liberal nut cases are now starting to embrace " suicide martyr " methods .

Let's all be thankful that President Bush took an aggressive stance towards Terrorism .

How long before these nutcases find the radical Muslim groups and gain possession of SYMTEC or some other powerful explosive ?
How many " sleepers " are now in our military and could steal a small brick of C-4 and allow it to fall in the hands of nutcase like this man ?
The radical Muslims would dance in the street if they could get a white man to strap on a suicide bomber jacket and kill innocent Americans here on our home turf .

Dick Cheney has said many times we would be less safe under Obama's leadership .
I think we all have to seriously consider , that if we are not already there , then we are surely headed down the path Mr. Cheney described .

Will Napolitano mishandle this latest incident ?
If she does will it lead to her resignation ?

How will this incident play out on the local college campus for the students who are protesting the defunding of their colleges ?

Where is Obama ?
Is he waiting on the speech to be written and loaded on to the TOTUS ?

How can BUSH be blamed for all of this ?

Pelosi lacks the votes to pass the Senate Health Care bill ,and the current administration has either flip flopped on every policy decision they have made or will soon.

Hillary was right ,Obama got the 3 A.M. call and its now 3:45 and everyday an inept President allows our country to be drawn further and further into a cesspool of corruption and inexperienced leadership .,2933,588074,00.html

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