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3-25-2010 11:10 AM EST

What actions can honest , hard working Americans take to show their opposition to Obamacare , and the corrupt,disgusting politicians in Washington D.C. ?

A ) First and foremost,make the individual decision to take an active role in YOUR government .

Become informed by looking for factual information ( from both Conservative and Liberal sources ) .
Study this information so you can engage in discussions and activities in a calm and respectful manner .

The mainstream media in America is colluding with the Liberal strategists, corrupt politicians , tyrants , and foreign Socialists to find anything they can spin, edit, and show out of context to its dwindling audience to portray the INVOLVED Americans as " Kooks , Nuts , and " Fringe "

They must do this because when these FABRICATED labels are stripped away , then the MAJORITY of Americans are simply put, " CORRECT " about the massive intrusion and takeover of our personal freedoms by this corrupt administration .

B ) The November 2010 elections will determine if our country continues down the path of financial ruin and massive intervention by the government into personal lives .
The conservative Senators and Representatives are going to pursue a daily fight for our freedoms ,and do their best to expose the tyranny in D.C.

Be sure you take the initiative on a daily basis to help them accomplish their task .

Call , email , and write your elected officials ....... Senators and Representatives ( both State and Federal ) .

Take the initiative to make this a daily activity . Put a sticky note in your cubicle or in the kitchen to remind you to do this on a daily basis .
How long does it take to fire off a quick email, or leave a voice mail for your congressman who is afraid to actually take calls from his constituents ?
Make a point to be POLITE , concise and firm with your message .
Let the public servant that works for YOU know , that you will donate your time, money, and effort to help HIS opponent get elected if he is not making the right decisions for you and your family .

The first two action items are easy to accomplish and do not require very much time or money to accomplish , as we move down the list it takes more individual involvement and commitment .

C ) Obama has chose to take our country down a path of economic recovery via the path of John Maynard Keynes .Keynes was a socialist economist from the 1930's, who advocated Governments running huge deficits in times of recession .
This model has failed every time it has been tried !
The tried and true methods of balancing budgets do work , just ask Ronald Reagan !!!!
If Obama is correct ( and he is not ) the massive government spending will lift our country out of the recession .
Do your part by saving your money .
You will need this money once the economy has floundered for a few years and the FED'S raise interest rates.
Do not spend any money that is not absolutely necessary !!
Try and spend your hard earned dollars at a local business.This helps out your friends and neighbors .
Avoid larger national chains .
National chains spend MILLIONS to lobby and influence Politicians .
If the influential Conglomerates feel the pain , they will be forced to use their bribe money to make the changes in economic policy to benefit American citizens.
Reduced profits from large corporations are visible by the whole country .
Local and national media can get away with suppressing information about local or regional recessions .
They can not suppress the financial results of publicly held corporations .

Makes sure that when you DO spend your dollars, to tell the people at the establishment you are not spending as much as you COULD , rather you are saving your money to protest the huge tax increases and the radical agenda that Obama and his socialist co conspirators have placed upon you and your family .
The economy is not going to recover and this will play a huge role come November in defeating the traitors who are voting with Pelosi and Reid .

D ) Obama will be traveling the country to " SELL " the American people on this massive and horrendous TAX ( thinly disguised as Health Care reform ) he has signed into law .

Make a point to attend one of these propaganda events near you !!
If you can't attend, then donate your time , money ,skills , or materials to help concerned citizens that can attend the event .

Hopefully by now , you will have networked with other like minded Americans and can help plan and organize trips from your local area to show opposition to the Socialist agenda being forced upon our country .

Yes it is perfectly OK ( Hillary has made this perfectly clear ) to voice your opposition about the current administration , and or the President .

Large crowds can shout REPEAL IT , NO MORE TAXES , NO MORE OBAMA , and yes its OK to BOO the President !!

The media will swarm to these events . The media will be there scouring the crowd for ANYTHING to paint the conservative protesters in a negative light, so be on your best behavior.
If you have a video camera or a video device like a FLIP, use it .
We ALL know the media will not BROADCAST the audio or video of people opposing the President and his radical agenda, but the internet and conservative news outlets will make sure the whole world will get a chance to view the footage .

Be prepared to quickly identify anyone that is promoting violence , making slurs , or using any kind of unacceptable behavior.
Make sure they are filmed and reported to local law enforcement , if they are democratic political operatives they will be exposed .
If they are radical , violent conservatives , we do not need them in our ranks and they will be ousted ,nor do we need them to be viewed as representative of our cause .

E ) Follow up on your promise to help elect non incumbents into office .
The hotly contested LOCAL primary elections will draw national scrutiny and help other conservative challengers gain momentum .
Take an initiative to donate JUST ONE DOLLAR to a candidate and oust the traitors that voted for OBAMACARE .
Donate your time , effort ,and money to candidates out of your district or state .

Bart Stupak grandstanded and pandered and in the end sold his vote to OBAMA and Pelosi .

Send Mr. Stupak a message, donate just one American dollar to his opponent DAN BENISHEK ( a Physician )

Show the whole nation how powerful individuals can be in defeating corrupt politicians .
Every candidate will see the crushing defeat of Stupak, and will cower and run for cover.

Pay attention and identify other candidates that can be ousted and replaced by HONEST Americans that are willing to go to D.C. and represent our American values.
Help these candidates in any way you can . Time , money, skills , and materials . Even 1 dollar helps !

Join the Face Book , Twitter and other FREE electronic venues that support these candidates .

Primaries will be held, and it will become obvious that incumbents that voted with OBAMA are going to be voted out .
Election laws allow Elected officials to " retire " , keep their campaign warchest ( MILLIONS ) and retreat back to their district, live a long life of luxury ( afforded by the bribes and corruption they participated in D.C ) all the while relying on their CONGRESSIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN ( that is to good for you ) .

Small contributions by millions of true Americans can help restore SOME of our freedoms , that until now many Americans took for granted and neglected to monitor the constant pressure being applied to erode or eliminate these God given , and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms .

The chances of repealing ObamaCare or the Supreme Court striking down ObamaCare are slim and none .
We must ALL use the power of the ballot box to purge local, State, and Federal politicians that are by their direct actions, bankrupting and ruining our country .
Once we get Honest Americans in office we can try and minimize the damage ( that may take decades or longer to repair ) that Obama has subjected our country to .

The message is simple !

Get involved .

Conduct your self in a respectful, moral and legal manner .

Seek out groups of like minded individuals and join or from a local group of lawful citizens to voice opposition to Obama and his corrupt administration .

Use YOUR PERSONAL RIGHT to assemble and protest the actions of these tyrants and their agenda.

DAILY...make it a point to make positive strides to defeat corrupt politicians every single day !

TALK to people you spend your hard earned money with, and let them know how disgusted you are with the current administration .
Remember they need your hard earned dollars much more than you need their goods or service .

Remember that idiots in other parts of our country elected CORRUPT politicians that ALWAYS vote contrary to our values , and we can do something to help influence the out come of these elections even though they may be outside our local district .

Remind yourself and others every day , that MOST of America did not want OBAMACARE .

Realize that certain districts pander to the small group of citizens that believe the government should pay for everything , and take dollars form hard working Americans to fund their lazy pathetic lifestyle .

Remind yourself,that in these districts we can never get an honest politician elected.
Instead concentrate your efforts in the districts where responsible citizens can be elected to uphold the constitution, we must ALL take a personal stake in ensuring that is made to happen!

We only need a handful of corrupt incumbents voted out , so we can take back control of the House of Representatives and the Senate , and ensure we regain control our individual lives .

Remember that SUNSHINE is the best cure for corruption .

Support the men and women that made the BRAVE choice to subject themselves and their families to the daily onslaught of intense scrutiny and malicious attacks perpetuated upon them to bring you the truth on radio , television ,news outlets ,and blogs .

Buy products from the corporations that support their broadcasts and venues .

Boycott and write corporations that undermine our American values and support viewpoints that oppose the conservative members of the media .

It really works !!
The cartoon network draws more viewers than MSNBC or HLN.
Olberman can pander his hate to the small group of idiots and the sponsors of programs such as his can suffer the fallout at the cash register.

Remind yourself every day of these simple facts .

It's your country and they work for us !

It's your children and grandchildren that will live under the rule of tyrants if we do not stop this madness !

Individual efforts that are performed repeatedly by millions of people across our country will succeed !
A concerned citizen could set aside 25 dollars .
10 million Americans donating a single dollar to 25 candidates , would give 25 honest candidates a 10 million dollar campaign fund !

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing !

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