Thursday, March 18, 2010


3-18-2010 9:50 AM EST

National drug store chain Walgreens has announced that as of April 16, 2010 it will no longer participate in filling prescriptions for Medicaid patients in the state of Washington .
This is a growing trend that many Physicians and Hospitals have decided to adopt .
Why take government subsidized payments when the payment causes the provider to LOSE money ?

Many critics of Obama's Health Care reform plan have said the plan will force " rationing "
Rationing will be swift and immediate , most of the QUALIFIED doctors and hospitals will "OPT " not to accept it !!

Medicaid,like other government entitlements is DEEPLY in debt .

Have you asked your doctor if he accepts Medicaid ?
Try checking the ER in your town , chances are it has a sign that says something like this :

By law we must admit and treat all patients , however once we have stabilized the patient we will provide transport ( at our expense ) to a facility that accepts Medicaid . We do not accept Medicaid at this facility .

The so called " Doc Fix " is a bail out of Medicaid .
Obama's plan will not only help those who cant afford insurance , it will entrap and create a whole new class of patient , a patient that has to settle for SUBSTANDARD health care .

Doctors do not want to accept Medicaid because it is not profitable , if Congress does not STOP the next decrease in the schedule fee for Medicaid providers very few will be willing to accept this form of payment .

1/2 of OBAMACARE is to be paid for by CUTS in Medicare .
I do not for one second think our elected representatives will show their face and tell the voters they ruined the FORCED insurance plan that Grandma and Grandpa are enrolled in because they slashed the payment schedule and no one will accept it anymore .
It's very simple , either Congress will pass an amendment or law that retracts the 500 BILLION decrease ,OR Medicare will be a worthless form of insurance .

Does Obama care REQUIRE any and all doctors, hospitals , and clinics to accept ANY form of insurance that a patient would present ?
If not , then all it is going to accomplish is a HUGE tax increase , destroy existing insurance companies and plans , and enroll TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans in an insurance plan that NO qualified physician or Hospital would accept .

Do not think you are safe because you have an Employer provided insurance plan ?
The Government will set the rules of coverage and most employers will find out it is much cheaper to eliminate the GOOD insurance you have now and pay the " penalty " and let you fall into the 'Government plan"

The tax runs much deeper than you think , EVERYONE will be mandated to enroll.
What does this mean to WalMart , fast food , grocery stores , and other entry level and low paying jobs ?

HUGE price increases !!

Do not worry about the " Tanning bed tax " , typically these are college students working part time . Imagine what the cost of a tanning session will be once the tax is enacted and the employer is force to either provide insurance or pay the penalty.

This employee will all of a sudden go from being a $8.00 an hour employee to a $ 14.00 an hour employee .
For employees making 36K or more a year the increase will not be as drastic, YET the people who provide MOST of our daily goods, services , and point of sale transaction will effectively have the cost of their employment go up by 40% or more .

What does this mean to you ?
HUGE price increases !

Doctors make a great living .
They also many times work weekends and long hours .

The doctor you would need the most to save your life like a Cardiologist, is not going to be willing to work all weekend ,nights an holidays for a very low paycheck

Ask yourself this question, if you or a loved one had a stroke or heart attack would you like the cardio doctor and his team to treat you that night or over the weekend or would you prefer to have some 22 yr old inept " practitioner " look at your chart and say " well you had a heart incident , we will get in you in the line to see the Cardiologist , please remain calm and patient for the next week or so "

Obama's new plan will put them in the 44% tax bracket and cut their fees in HALF .
No good Doctor would even reach over to the night table and turn the pager OFF for that kind of compensation

To make it worse many doctors will just throw the towel in and call it quits .
The new American health plan will resemble the " Doc in a box " model and you will wait DAYS to be seen by a an inexperienced " medical technician "
Rich people MAY still have Blue Cross or Humana or a REAL insurance plan , but the rest of us will not .


UNIONS are exempt from all of this !!

HOPE N CHANGE you can believe in !!!!

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