Monday, January 25, 2010


1-25-2010 12.40 PM EST

6 days ago America woke up to find a NON DEMOCRAT had won the Senate seat in Massachusetts.
Was it really a game changer ? Perhaps , maybe not .....depends on who you ask .

Let's take a look and examine some of the events .

A ) Joe Biden ( son of VP in charge of stupidity and blunders ) Dropped out of the Senate race in Delaware .( Obama would have a hard time explaining why the VP 's son lost the primary in Delaware)

B ) Valerie Jarrett , David Axlerod ,and Robert Gibbs all appear on the Sunday Morning talk shows .( A page out of the " we are getting killed lets go out and SPIN IT " Play book )

C) David Plouffe rejoins the White House ( Obama is a poor leader so he will go out and lie on the campaign trail.....the thing he does best )

D) Ellie Light writes a tearful letter to the editor (s) of major newspapers ( more propaganda by the White house in an effort to find a glimmer of hope before his Wednesday night speech)

E) Arkansas Representative announces he will retire rather than face the voters in November ( Democrats are jumping ship like rats on a leaky ship )

F) Obama gives a speech and uses the word " Fight " 20 times ( back in campaign mode )

G) Nancy Pelosi announces she can not get 218 votes to pass the Senate Healthcare bill( every one is afraid to vote with OBama now )

H) Key democrats ( Boxer and Schumer among others) announce perhaps we should slow down on OBAMA CARE ( Political careers are on the line here )

Icing on the cake ....BIN LADEN releases statement declaring he organized the " Detroit Bomber " and more attacks are on the way ( A signifigant number of people are being stopped in England from the no fly list )

The list goes on and on , watch the rats run from the daylight and hide cause the " fantasy " is up .We know officially have the worst president since Jimmy Carter

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