Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1 Year of HopenChange

1-19-2010 10.45 AM EST

Much has been written about the " Historic" implications of Obama being elected President of the United States . For the last 18 months I have said Obama would be an inexperienced and naive president .Worse than even the blundering Jimmy Carter .
Today the citizens of Massachusetts go to the polls to vote for the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Ted " the swimmer " Kennedy.

Let's reflect on the " HopenChange " the FOOLISH people who voted for Obama believed they would be getting.

1) Economy ...out of control unemployment and attempts for the government to take over segments of the private sector
2)National Security...Obama has gone soft on the terrorists and they have responded by attempting attacks on American soil .
3) Transparency in Government ....... NONE of the Health Care debate has been on C-SPAN ( Obama campaigned and promised to make sure the good people saw as much as they wanted to see ) .Geithner has sealed the incriminating emails to AIG until 2018.
4)Bipartisan ...all the Meetings involve Democrats and are behind closed doors .

Today Scott Brown has a decent chance of becoming the next Senator of Massachusetts.
Brown has erased a 30% deficit in just 60 days .
ProPAganda puppets like CHUCK TODD of NBC news are even reporting that it is likely Brown will win the seat .
Brown is the HopenChange , if he wins it will be the first time anyone OTHER than a Democrat has held the seat in over 40 years ( long before most of the idiots who voted for Obama were even born )

What does this say about the State of our elected representatives?
If Brown loses by even 5% its a clear message that if you vote with Pelosi or Reid your days in D.C. are numbered .
Things to look forward to .....

1) Chuck Schumer will introduce a bill to AUTOMATICALLY register every person over 18 years of age to vote ( The world renowned vote stealers of ACORN are grinning ear to ear )

2) The President will pull every sneaky ,closed door deal to RAHM the Health care bill through , despite huge opposition by the American People .

3) A Brown victory will ignite Wall Street.

4) Legal challenges , expect the election to be contested , Wall Street Lawyers to fight the " Bank tax" , individual States to assert " States Rights " and try to get away from Obama's " Social re engineering " .

5) The American Public see the special favors being given to the UNIONS and the bribes being offered to pass legislation.They are fed up,and more incumbents will be thrown out !!!

Today's election very could be the last HONEST and Free Election we have in this country.
A feeling of distrust of every one in D.C. is prevalant and spreading like a wildfire in California .
Brown has popular support because he is running as a CONSERVATIVE .

We will witness a moment in History tonight as the election results dribble in .Win or Lose Brown will alter the landscape of the incumbents in D.C.

Obama is working hard on his plan to divide and bankrupt this country .He still hopes he can get a civil war to erupt and destroy our great country .

Let us all be thankful that we have powerful voices like Hannity ,Levin ,Rush , and Palin .
These brave Americans challenge on a daily basis the propaganda the Liberal Socialists spew from the TOTUS .

Brown has a good chance of winning today.Already the major networks are criticizing Coakley on a poor campaign effort .The glaring truth is that the GEICO lizard should be able to run as a Democrat in Massachusetts and beat any NON Democrat candidate .
Something is in the air and it is a genuine " Anti Obama " message .

We should all rejoice Obama was elected President , if he was elected 10 years from now he may have Destroyed our country in JUST 1 year .
Obama has dealt a huge blow to our country, most likely he has damaged the country and it will crumble in the next 5 years .Americans are now fully awake and aware of what a huge Fraud this President and his administration is .

Watch for the mean rhetoric and desperate measures to advance the " government takeover " of the finest health care system in the world .

Questions to ask .

1) Why are so many long term Democrats retiring rather than face re election?
2) How many Democrats want to change their votes and distance themselves from Obama?
3) What will be the reaction of the media if Pelosi and Reid try to sneak this legislation through without allowing a vote ?
4) How many times will Obama blame Bush or say " we inherited " this situation in his State of the Union address?
5) How will the political hacks demean Palin and insist she is to blame ?
6) When will the media admit we have had 4 elections in predominant Democrat areas and it has been a huge loss in all 4 ?


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