Wednesday, June 24, 2009


6-24-2009 5.45 EST

Tonight at 9 PM EST America will witness Obama's latest accomplishment.In just 5 short months Obama has taken over the banks and 2 of the car companies .Tonight Obama has an Infomercial on ABC. Now the score is banks, car companies and now the news media .
For weeks Rush has joked about the " state run media" , well folks it is no longer a joke .Today Robert Gibbs denied that Obama called on Nico Pitney of the Huffington Post and the question was planted. Fact is Nico Pitney was escorted into the news conference by white house staff. Reputable reporters have stepped forward and said the question was planted. Of course the question was planted , and those people really did faint at the campaign Obama rally's ..none of it was pre arranged . ABC news will not allow certain commercials to be aired tonight its fair and unbiased ( and Stalin made the trains run on time ) .

America has been fleeced out of a TRILLION dollars under the guise of a "stimulus "package.Today Warren Buffet announced the stimulus has failed and the economy is floundering and has no recovery in sight .Next is the CAP AN TAX bill that will place an ENERGY tax on every American.
Obama does not have the support and votes he needs to pass his socialized medicine . Tonight he grabs ABC (who is getting killed in the ratings ) and tries to lie to the American people . Obama says no one will be forced to give up their current coverage. When asked he says the Government will not force you to give up your health insurance.Obama fails to tell you that he will TAX the health benefits ( something he scolded McCain for proposing on during the 2008 campaign) The bill as written allows any family of 4 making less than 110K a year to pay 10% of the yearly premium for the Health insurance.Who pays the other 90%? Employers will end company sponsored health benefits and force you to go to Government run health insurance. The existing Health insurers will lose 75% or more of their client base and face soaring costs due to OBAMAS coverage requirements and they will be forced out of business. How can any business compete with a model that loses 90% on every transaction that is conducted ? Look at the US Postal Service. Fed X and UPS ship far more packages and would put them out of the letter delivery business except federal law prevents anyone but the US POST OFFICE from delivering mail .Social Security , AMTRAK,Medicare , Medicaid, the government has a horrible track record for making a profit or breaking even . THEY ALL LOSE MONEY .

Obama needs to gain control of the MEDIA to help him win the Health care battle. Unknown to most is that OBAMA has a JULY 13th court date to reveal his birth certificate and school transcripts.Liberals constantly remind us that OBAMA is the smartest man on the planet , yet his school transcripts and Birth certificate are completely off limits .


"Where is the birth certificate "
No mentions of OBAMA just those words .
The document OBAMA has released would not allow him to be eligible for anything in Hawaii... how could it be valid for him to be President? OBAMA is silent on the events in IRAN because he has yet to decide how he is going to stop individuals from protesting here in the USA . He can pressure and manipulate private firms but its hard to squash the individual who sees his freedom being stolen from him

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