Monday, June 1, 2009


6-1-2009 10.15 AM EST
Summer time emerges only to see that Obama has ran yet another us automaker ( GM ) into the ground.

North Korea is busy seeing just how many missiles they can launch.

Hillary Clinton has warned North Korea they would suffer the consequences for their own actions .
Which consequences you ask ?Perhaps we will not give N.Korea any more bribes to curtail their nuclear initiatives. Obama will announce missile defense cuts , and cut back on the F22 fighter jet .Don't forget the impotent United Nations will sign a piece of papers saying " shame on you North Korea" .Well at least the liberals, socialists and communists all can agree on one thing " Thank god George Bush is not here to blow a few of those pesky North Korea missiles up and send the message that the good ole USA will not entertain any saber rattling or veiled threats from a mentally unstable dictator".

Obama could never do anything like that .The USA has failed with its diplomatic efforts for several years with North Korea .

We have but a few simple choices.

1. Call China up and tell them to kick their North Korean lapdog in the stomach and get it under control .
2.Call China and tell them its ok they can deal with North Korea and the troubles in the Hemisphere , as they will have lots of time on their hand because the USA has implemented a 200% tax on all Chinese goods entering America.
3.The USA could stack nuclear weapons in South Korea Japan, Taiwan and other countries in the region ( of course this would mean we would have to give all the Arab countries missiles and Russian and China would make sure everyone else had equal stacks of nuclear missiles also)
4. Use the "big stick " method .That's right do not ask or seek permission from anyone , the next time the North Korean's transport , move or fuel a missile , let them find out what the boys at Lockheed Martin , Northrop Grumman , and Boeing have in their bag of tricks that could hit a snail in the eye from three thousand miles away.
5. Use the " Obama plan" ignore it all and concentrate on shrinking our own military, wrecking the economy, and giving every American a voucher for a wheelbarrow so they can cart the worthless American dollars around in. Obama's plan is a simple yet amazing idea,if we can reduce this country to near nothing ,then not only will other countries see any financial or strategic reason to invade us , they might actually send us bags of rice and allow the European version of the Red Cross to distribute it to the starving masses in mainland America.

Israel on the other hand can read the writing on the wall .The USA is not interested in using it's vast resources to protect anyone from radical regimes with power mad dictators intent on building a nuclear arsenal .Israel took the Syrian based nuclear facility out a few years back.North Korea played a large part in supplying that technology.Technology that the US government gave $$ to North Korea for their agreement NOT to develop it.

Israel has realized OBAMA is only interested in helping MUSLIM countries .Obama has proposed we send nuclear power plant technology to the OIL RICH United Arab Emirates. The UAE realizes with its VAST stores of oil it makes more sense to run power plants on Nuclear fuel rather than oil .Sounds good as Obama and his Socialist buddies seek a way to ween America off Foregin oil, we are sending the best Solution we have to the people we aspire to rid ourselves of .

NETANYAHU on the other hand will take the problem and solve it .

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