Friday, June 26, 2009


6-26-2009 12.03 PM EST
Thursday we saw two well know " celebrities" pass away. Farrah Fawcett and Micheal Jackson. One died from a lengthy battle with cancer , the other it is thought died from a combination of prescription drug abuse. One had a career that had roles that brought attention to domestic abuse , the tragic fight with cancer and voice overs for children's cartoons.The other had a career that was tainted with accusations of child molestation , and now drug abuse.One was never the center of controversy and the other was always the controversy . One will slowly fade from the front page and the internet.The other will be immortalized for weeks ,and compared to ICONS like Elvis and Jackie Robinson . We live in a world where nut cases who undergo numerous cosmetic surgeries and undertake all the vile actions of a Pedophilic child molesters are glorified. The World is a much better place now that Michael Jackson is gone , perhaps one more child has been spared the trauma of being molested by a 50 year old freak that bleached his skin and altered his appearance to look like an ALIEN. Jackson had no real talent as an adult, most of his success was do to high priced videos with the help of Vincent Price or a riff from Eddie Van Halen .Black people every where will deny the drug abuse and other crimes Jackson has committed , he will be as innocent as OJ was when he killed Nicole .Will Jackson's doctor be indicted ? How about his staff who knew of his drug abuse ? How many books will be written about his exploitation of children? How many of the books will be caught up in lawsuits by Jackson's family to keep them from being published ? How long before OBAMA opens his mouth and says something stupid ? Sharpton was the first..where is JESSE? Watch and see anyone who tries to tell the truth about Jackson will be called a RACIST !!!!
Farrah knew the end was near and married her long time companion Ryan O'Neal .What a decent and thoughtfull thing to do in your last days .Jackson on the other hand was shooting Demerol in his arm and masturbating to Child pornography .If you thought the Anna Nicole Smith coverage by the Media was dragged on to long you haven't seen anything yet

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