Tuesday, June 30, 2009


6-30-2009 10.40 AM EST
Obama was quick to denounce the recent COUP in Honduras . Obama said it was not a legal COUP . I wonder if you have to apply for a permit to have a LEGAL COUP? Maybe OBAMA can get the state of HAWAII to grant one ?Obama has been wrong on all his foreign policy decisions so far ..Israel and the west bank ,Somalia pirates , Invasion of Georgia, and of course the IRANIAN elections .Of course OBama is wrong on this matter also. Just ask Castro,Chavez or Ortega.

How did Roberto Micheletti come to power ? The Honduran CONGRESS appointed Micheletti to serve out the remaining 7 months of President Zelaya's term .Why would the Honduran congress do this ?President Zelaya is accused of violating the constitution by sponsoring a referendum that was outlawed by the Supreme Court. A referendum that would make Zelaya Dictator for life .One might ask why Obama is so interested in keeping the dictators all happy and in power ?Quite simple he plans to follow the same path here in the United States .Obama has lied about everything he promised during his campaign , we know know that he plans to raise the taxes on everyone. Whether it be tax your health benefits or this stupid cap and tax energy bill that does nothing but create a revenue stream for the IRS

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