Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Media outlets have reported that a new press secretary to peddle Obama's propaganda could be appointed as early as Wednesday .
Who will it be ?
Do you have a good guess ?
Although Olbermann seems like a longshot , perhaps he really isnt it .
Sure, he has burned his bridges at ESPN and NBC sports , and he was run out of dodge at MSNBC , and has a reputation as being DIFFICULT to work with , but where else can he go ?
170K a year might be a pay cut , but where is going to go ? Online reporter for HUFF POST ?

Keith's qualifications

* Rabid Liberal
* Ability to look into the camera and spread hatred , lies ,and obvious propaganda and retain the appearance that he actually believes it
* Enjoys targeting conservatives and spewing slanderous diatribes towards them
* Has a genuine jealousy/ dislike for Palin
* Is a card carrying operative of the ACLU & The Daily KOS
* Can drool on cue if Obama walks into the briefing room
* Is the premier example of a Liberal who ignores civility and prefers harsh , hateful rhetoric

Other candidates ?

Chris Matthews ?
It might be a pay cut for him , but he has DISMAL ratings
Chris is seeking a US PATENT on the " tingles run up my leg leg feeling when I see Obama"
A brief stint in the press room could groom Matthews for a House or Senate run

Alec Baldwin ?
Alec could join Obama in a citizenship defense , as we all know Alec renounced his US citizenship and moved to France when BUSH was re -elected
Did he regain his US citizenship somehow ?
His 30 Rock show is not very good and NBC ,ONLY kept it alive to take jabs at people like Palin and Bush
Alec also has aspirations to run for US Senate

I doubt any of these afore mentioned take the job
Obama is an opportunist, and I believe he will seek some one who can advance the new wave of GUN CONTROL that he will seek to promote , knowing all the while such legislation cant pass either the House or the Senate

Look for Political pay back , lots of DEMOCRAT elected officials were thrown out of office for supporting OBAMACARE , maybe he will summon one of them ?

In the end it may just boil down to a union crony or the friend of a former Goldman Sachs employee that Obama has made a czar

Maybe it will simply be an unemployed, black, lesbian, school teacher , an atheist who is also a rabid anti gun advocate

Can some one check and see if Bill Ayers has children ?
How about Franklin Raines ?
Bill Mahr ?

Maybe some one out there legally changed their name to " OBAMACARE "?
One thing is for sure , once a sitting President refuses to engage in question and answer sessions with the media , its a sign that things are going badly , very badly
Maybe Obama will give us 1 Q & A this year ?
Maybe he will feel benevolent and make it a 2 press conference year .
Keep the TV on as CANDIDATE OBAMA hits the campaign trail and attempts ( and a poor one at that ) to disguise his re election campaign from town to town as some kind of " communcate my new Reagan conservative values message" to the people


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