Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Obama is often referred to as a " Gifted Orator "
Really ? As compared to who ?
Johnson --CHECK
Nixon ---not really
Gerald Ford --maybe , but his falling and tripping made him more interesting
Jimmy Carter ---that's considered an accomplishment?
Reagan ---Nope he falls far short of Ronnie
George H W Bush --I will give him the benefit of the doubt on that
Bill Clinton---not a chance Bill was adept at polling , triangulation and not really a bad politician
George W --no W connected with everyday people

What did Obama tell us last night ?

Can we work together tomorrow ? Obama has shunned every one and everything not his idea =Not believeable

" Tax cuts we passed in December " are these the same tax cuts he vowed to eliminate ?= phony , hypocritical,& disingenuous

" 1 million private sector jobs we created last year " Did he failed to mention that for years we have lost over 400K jobs a month =
Net loss of 4 million jobs last year " Hey I wll give you $ 100 if you give me back $500 "

"Sputnik " Education and research allowed us to beat the Russians to the moon "
I guess Obama never heard of Wernher von Braun? Nazi . SS officer , designed and implemented the V-2 Rockets that pelted London ?
Von Braun SURRENDERED to the US and was brought into the country via " operation paperclip "
VonBraun designed the SATURN V , the same rocket that put a man on the moon
Simply put a captured nazi war criminal who was brought here and forced to work for the USA .
I guess Obama was to busy trying to figure out how he goofed up the story of his Grandfather using his CULINARY skills to rescue POWS from Auschwitz

" 1 million electric vehicles by 2050 " so thats 25,000 a year ? The charging stations ?Disposing of the Batteries ? = Sounds good to young naive potential voters but the math doesnt work or the demand ....

"80% clean energy by 2050 " funny Obama is agianst coal and nuclear , we could let FRANCE beat us to the Nuclear power solution = Just more of Obama being phony , hypocritical,& disingenuous. Did he get the email from T boone Pickens & the Kennedy family ? Windmills suck and cost too much

"success isnt about fame and PR , rather its about hardwork and discipline " Was that one of the many jokes Obama told and no one laughed ? Obama has no idea about hardwork or discipline , on the other hand he is all about fame , PR & rock star status " = phony , hypocritical,& disingenuous

"1 million illegals are in college are worried about being deported " This was really a good one , is that 180 off his " lets secure the borders " or did he fail to mention that these are criminals receiving benefits without payinf for them ?
So the stories of illegals at HOME DEPOT willing to work for cash are Republican propaganda ? They are really not bringing drugs across the border and working and paying no tax , rather they cross the border to go to college ?

" High Speed Rail" now out of ALL the hot air that squeaked out his lips this part sounded genuine = what good Socialist/Fascist/Communbist would take a whole hour to spread propaganda without promoting a state run railroad ?

" free face to face video chats between the patient and doctor " I guess this explains the whole issue of the curent doctor and nurse shortage , yet we are going to add 40 million new patients and no waiting or rationing = Please press one for an english speaking doctor practioneer , please hold while we redirect your request to a BESY BUY associate ( more being phony , hypocritical,& disingenuous )

" double Exports by 2014 " sure thing , you have used this one for years and its not working .
Would that start a WORLD WAR if he pulled it off?
How could he do that ? hmm SELL OIL / DRILL BABY DRILL , of course thats a page out of Palin's playbook and could never happen
Besides oil what can we sell the world ? = no beating around the bush this is an OUTRIGHT LIE

Review government regulations and identify undue burderns and fix them " SURE , sure you will = I will create 100K government jobs that pay 145K a year and find more loopholes for the unions and my leftist radical buddies

" freeze spending for 5 years " that was the best joke of the night , thats like taking your $12,500 limit credit card and getting the limit raised to 100K , then max it out and say your are not going to increase the credit limit again , and it saves 400 billion over 100 years =
So the 400 billion is about 3 months interest on the debt what do we do about the other 357 months ? What? What is that ? Decrease spending ? = Obam's lips moved and lies spewed forth

" I will veto all bills with earmarks " hmm he promised that in 2007 didnt he ? how is that working out ?= Obama is trying to take credit for the actions of Republican majority in the House and the policies they will roll out

Obama did not tell us how is going to pay for it all ?
Maybe he is waiting to tell us that with the rest of the world , you know once he is elected head of the UN and WORLD DICTATOR = those pesky Birth certificate laws being passed at the State level are going to keep me off the ballots in a lot of states

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