Friday, March 13, 2009


Obama is said to be reviewing an option to deploy the National Guard to contain the threat of the Mexican drug violence spilling over to US soil.Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano assures Americans this violence does not exist and is not a threat. Top Obama adviser Rahm " I need a crisis to exploit" Emanuel says its so horrific the government needs to confiscate every legally owned firearm in America to prevent the escalation of violence across the Mexican border? Perhaps Obama could get a tax cheat to give us a 3rd and different opinion?

Has even 1 American lost his life to this violence while on US Soil? Why has Obama not issued a travel advisory telling US citizens not to travel to Mexico ? Shouldn't we be seriously concerned about the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants across our southern Border ?Should we be worried that radical Muslims could team up with the Drug lords to undermine the US government ? Isn't it possible that since we can't stop the illegal flow of anything across the border we should be worried about biological hazards or nuclear weapons being smuggled across the border to inflect harm on our innocent citizens ?

Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her United Nations surrogates say we cant Build a wall or stop illegal immigration. Seems pretty simple to me, build a wall round up the illegals up and deport them. Wait, If the USA were to do that we would eliminate 98% of the "American victims' . What would happen to welfare if we eliminated drug addiction, violence, and also could end squandered health and social benefits on illegal non US citizens?

Some estimates place the size of the army wielded by the Mexican drug lords at over 100K strong.This makes it larger than the Mexican law enforcement and military . Funny how things get out of hand quickly when you have a government run by corrupt officials, . Will we see Obama try his hand at spreading panic and declaring we need to let UN soldiers on US soil to prevent this scenario?

Obama can't seem to recruit any cabinet members and what few he as in place can't agree on anything . Japan says they will shoot the Korean rocket down if it is launched .Imagine the tiny military machine in Japan stepping up to deter North Korea.North Korea told Obama to run and hide, that they would do anything they wanted to do and he better not say a word, not even one peep.Obama makes the USA look more and more like France every day . France will be sure to stay out of anything that looks like it might take military intervention . Perhaps Obama is too busy trying to destroy the best health care system in the world or making sure you 401 k becomes a 101K ,to concentrate on how far out of hand our lack of borer security has become .
Just another crisis that Obama and team have no idea how to solve and rest assured what ever action they take it will backfire and help destroy our Country

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