Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Geitner to head up the Obama's Gestapo Group

As Obama flexes his Socialist Influence ,Wonder boy Tim ( I was a tax dodger and a darn good one at that ) Geitner has announced he wants the power to seize investment firms, insurers , and hedge funds . That's right folks if taxing your profitable business at a 90% tax rate is not enough , Geitner wants to have at his sole discretion the power to take your business away.Hugo Chavez just performed this feat with the sugar companies and in the past with BP
If this is such a good idea ( and it's not ) Why didn't we do it earlier? Why give them Bllions of dollars then seize the company? Perhaps we should let weak companies go out of business and /or stronger entities take them over .Obama is determined to make our currency worthless then take over private enterprise .Sounds like the good ole days of Stalin to me , and Harry Reid has provided he plan for the TRAINS.

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