Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OBAMA 'S Christmas Gift

It is widely reported that OBAMA'S " TRUTH SQUAD " will release their internal investigation and notes pertaining to interaction between the OBAMA'S henchmen and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Of course its obvious that Jesse Jackson Jr. ,Rahm Emanuel, Biden , and Obama have all stopped their daily conferences and access to media and answering questions . TRANSPARENCY thats what it is !!! Surely Obama is going to release cell phone records and land line records of all call made between his team and BLAGO . I blogged about this whole mess on 10-15-08


Blago walks . Why would I think this ? Because the FED'S are saying " hands off " now . Rezko sold Blago down the river and Blago will do the same . What could Blago have ? Nadhmi Auchi that's what. Sadam's cousin and criminal well known for his corruption & influence peddling in Europe . Auchi was denied entrance into the US and tried to BUY influence from SOME ONE in Illinois. SHEER coincidence that OBAMA has been seen at several of his fundraiser's ?

I wonder if OBAMA is on vacation in Hawaii cause he has decided to get his REAL birth certificate? NOT A CHANCE . After all in the transparent administration of OBAMA, his medical , school and birth records are all secret as well as his finances . SHEER coincidence that Obama is releasing his " internal investigation WEEKS after the contact was reported and mere hours before Christmas.. no its not an elaborate ruse to make sure the media doesn't follow it and " JOE FAMILY " is involved with the" Christmas cheer " and doesn't have time to notice it .

Obama sure looks presidential sans shirt , and playing golf in cargo shorts .

Obama has told many lies..the biggest one is that he is going to be PRO 2ND AMENDMENT ..wrong check his website he already has 4 initiatives to trample on gun owner rights , BUT abortion is safe !!

BLAGO turns state evidence and OBAMA may be insulated but many around him will be implicated . Rahm, Valerie and the rest of the thugs . Bill Richardson is tied to BOND scandals .

Hillary's decisions as Sec. of state will be reviewed by every country in the world and the question will be " Is this payback for the 25 million t his government gave hubby Bill" ? Of course not this series of bribes was given on the assumption Hillary would be president . Has any one asked for accounting of where all this money went ? Is the Library built of solid gold bricks ? Why would foreign governments be interested in building and presidential library?
Tony Rezko thank you
Alan Keyes thank you



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