Tuesday, February 22, 2011


CBS is reporting that Somalia Pirates have killed 4 Americans

Obama had a similar situation 22 months ago and elite US forces shot the pirates after DAYS of fooling around .
Before Obama moved into the White House , America had a policy of no negotiations with terrorists .
Obama took a different route on Monday, two pirates peacefully came aboard the USS Sterett to negotiate with naval forces for the release of the hostages, and remained aboard overnight.

Today we have 4 dead hostages .

Stephanie O’Sullivan, a career CIA employee and former Director of the CIA Directorate of Science and Technology,gave testimony to the SENATE as she was questioned about the CIA’s alleged failure to provide US policy planners with accurate warning of the Egyptian popular uprising on February 3, 2011. O’Sullivan testified that the CIA and other US intelligence services had warned Obama Administration officials last November and December about extreme political volatility in North Africa.

The Wall Street Jouranl reports U.S. officials say the Obama administration focused from the beginning on promoting democracy in Arab states and was aware of the deep problems in Cairo

Obama has old friends helping in the revolt in the Arab world.
Wade Rathke ( ACORN )
Drummond Pike ( SEIU )
Andy Stern ( SEIU )

More can be found Here

Obama is surrounded by clowns like Leon Panatta running the CIA.
Many of his "CZAR'S" and advisers have NEVER been subjected to SENATE approval!

How smart would Obama have to be after seeing Egypt fall to ponder the possibility that the Suez canal could close and oil shipments would be routed past SOMALIA ?
Did he skip the chapter on " gunboat diplomacy " while he was calling himself " GIPPER " and reading up on the history of Ronald Reagen?

AP reports that Somalia based Pirates currently hold 30 ships and more than 660 hostages

Really? 30 ships and 660 hostages and it never occurred to Obama that pirates of Muslim faith might try and capture Americans to fan the flames of revolt currently sweeping through the Arab world ?

The economy will not fare well with high GAS prices and oil is up 10% n the last few days .

Some would advance the notion that Obama is " in over his head "
I would suggest that " operation make America kneel " is going well and right on schedule, and Obama is executing the plays out of the playbook with great skill.

Perhaps CHANGE will come quickly and we can HOPE after Obama is elected GLOBAL PRESIDENT , he might take mercy on us and force us to ONLY Pay 92% of our earnings to the new GLOBAL TAX .
The global tax that will bring " social justice " to the world and punish America.

Democratic lawmakers have left the state in Wisconsin and now Indiana.
Is Ohio next ?
How long before the Democrat lawmakers in your state pack their bags and leave , and refuse to let the " will of the people " be legislated ?
Is there a pattern here ?
ACORN and Unions , corruption ,once it is brought to light Democrats are thrown out of office , and now the remaining Democrats refuse to show up so bills can be introduced and voted on ?

Sounds like something from an oppressive dictatorship than the United States of America


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