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7-15-2010 10:45 AM EST

NBC'S " Today Show " led off this morning with a brief interview with Senator
Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

Schumer has leveled allegations that B.P lobbied the U.K. Government for the early release of convicted TERRORIST bomber, Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi.


Now for the background .............

Al Megrahi was convicted for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103,which exploded over the Scottish town of Lockerbie four days before Christmas in 1988, killing all 259 of those aboard the plane and 11 Scots on the ground.

President Obama's reaction ?
Of those on board, 189 were Americans. The U.S. government responded immediately to word of al Megrahi's release, saying it "deeply regrets" the decision.

The White House issued this statement :
"As we have expressed repeatedly to officials of the government of the United Kingdom and to Scottish authorities, we continue to believe that Megrahi should serve out his sentence in Scotland,"

So does this IMPLY that the US knew of the negotiations and just kind of sat by ?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chimed in and had this to say :
"Today, we remember those whose lives were lost on December 21, 1988, and we extend our deepest sympathies to the families who live each day with the loss of their loved ones due to this heinous crime" .

Khadafy's son Saif , made sure Al Megrahi received a Hero's welcome when he landed in Libya .

BP has admitted that it lobbied the British government over a prisoner transfer deal with Libya in late 2007, but denied playing any role in the actual decision to release al-Megrahi nearly two years later.

For almost a year the Obama administration has let this sleeping dog lie .
Now it wants to rattle it's sabre and re visit this item ?

Senator Gillibrand told NBC’s TODAY SHOW , that the U.K. government should investigate what role the company played in the decision to free Abdel Baset al-Megrahi in August 2009.
"We want a moratorium on the drilling [by BP] off Libya's coast. We believe BP should not be allowed to drill until we have resolution of this,"

So , it is really all about stopping drilling and CAP N TAX !!!!

Yeah, now it is politically expedient to drag B.P into the mix !

One might ask " But why , why now ?"

Three words " Obama's Muslim Bias "

Underlying factors :

A. Obama's approval rating has sank to JUST 40% !
B. The oil spill in the Gulf is NOT going to be stopped by the relief wells , and 70% of American's feel Obama has screwed the pooch on this one.
C. November elections...Reid may lose in Nevada, Boxer trails in Ca.Capitan Robert Gibbs thinks the Republicans can gain control of both houses.
D. Economy-- The official line is " well at least un employment is not 15%" . Housing , mortgage,bankruptcy filings, and consumer confidence are all in the toilet , the " Summer Recovery " never happened !
E. Eric Holder's traitorous actions.Holder has DENIED subpoena's from the Civil Rights Commission , and the CRC has written Holder a letter demanding he produce the lawyers, and launch an investigation of those involved in the white wash of voter intimidation by the " New Black Panther Party ".
See the letter Here
F. Democratic Governors, and other hopeful's on the November Ballot have told Obama the Lawsuit against AZ. is just not a good thing at all.
G. NASA chief Charles Bolden had to retract his statement that Obama directed him to " outreach to the Muslim world ". Bolden now asks all questions be directed to the White House . Dennis Miller summed it up by saying " We are talking about a country that buries women up to the neck in the sand and throws rocks at them", and " The Muslims will be interested in space when Israel has an outpost on the moon , they will bomb "Space " .
H. NAACP and the Black Caucus have both proclaimed the " TEA PARTY " as racist.
Never mind that, New Black Panther "King" Samir Jabazz , in his own videotaped words, screams " You want freedom? You gonna have to kill some crackers, kill some babies "
He says he hates all white people !!
Should Holder be investigating this guy ? should the N.B.P. be declared a hate group ?

Yes , boys and girls Schumer smells blood , and like a Great White Shark he is aroused .
Schumer is all but too glad to play politics ,and strengthen his ascent as Speaker of the House once Reid is thrown out of office .
This is really ,just, a NOT so Clever attempt to weaken BP ,and gain momentum to stop ALL offshore oil drilling in U.S. waters.

Harming B.P. will only make them move their assets and declare B.P. North America insolvent and thus make B.P. unable to pay for the damages in the gulf ( Obama wants this as he will nationalize the oil industry like his comrade Chavez has done in Venezuela!

Questions that SHOULD be asked :

1. Why is Chuck not asking about the racial bias at the DOJ?
2. How does Soros and Petrobras benefit from this ?
3. Why is there no uproar on the recent proof that convicted felons were allowed to vote and thus elect Al Franken?
4. Where are all the " " Big oil conspiracists " that pounded Bush and Cheney on a daily basis ? Why are they not asking questions of this regime and its ties to " big oil " ?
5. Why does Holder NOT have time to investigate the N.B.P. , but is considering sticking his nose into blacks in Alabama being denied the " right " to play slot machines ( bingo ) ? Clearly this is a STATE issue and gambling is ILLEGAL in Alabama.
6. Why has Nancy Pelosi REFUSED to submit a budget to OBAMA? Could this have anything to do with the NOvember elections ?
7. How long before Holder declares he is investigating " tea party members " in Utah over the release of a " suspected illegal alien list "?
8. Why is the media suppressing new info that 30 D.C. insiders received VIP loans from Country Wide Mortgage , all on the eve of a vote for " financial reform"?
9. Why is their no investigation on White House employees ( ex google worker is at the forefront ) using wi fi spots at coffee houses and personal email account to conduct GOVERNMENT business , and evade ethics rules and Obama's OWN Transparency guidelines?
10. What are the FACTS behind the RAPID release and trade of the accused Russian spies to thwart any attempts to have public testimony reveal illegal fund raising by HILLARY ?

Ironic that NBC interviews Schumer the morning after it airs a thinly disguised piece of immigration propaganda on the prime time S.V.U. drama ?
ANCHOR is a re run that " just happened "to air last night .
Mere Coincidence , no Virginia Obama is not really a controlling Narcissist manipulating the media and trying to indoctrinate his dwindling left wing political followers ..........

IRONIC that Bill Clinton was spotted yesterday at the White House , and today the sitting President (I use the term VERY lightly ) creates a distraction of his woes involving LIBYA?
Remember when Monica testified before the grand jury and later produced the BLUE dress ? Bill Clinton BOMBED LIBYA.

Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the bombings in UGANDA. The attacks are to protest the U.S. presence in Somalia .

Remember Somalia? The war torn , war lord ruled African hell hole that Clinton dropped the ball on ? Commanders on the ground requested air cover by C-130's
for the Battle of Mogadishu, a raid by ARMY RANGERS to capture Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid.
Bill said " heck authorize some Blackhawk helicopters and tell them to "EAT CAKE "
Bill was using the same ineffective and corrupt " rules of engagement "that Obama is using in Afghanistan .............................

So this is the HOPE N CHANGE America has embraced ?
We really have an inept administration with an agenda to destroy the American way of life and in the process lead it down the road of MARXISM .
An administration so in-experienced it utilizes BILL CLINTON for its high level strategy ?
We have the same faces behind the scenes in the White House as when Bill was seducing
interns and assaulting females.

Albert Einstein once said :
“Insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Oh well Einstein's intellect is no match for " Obama , smartest man on the planet ".
If you don't believe me just view any of Obama's scholastic records from Kindergarten through college .
OOOPS I forgot the " TRANSPARENCIST IN CHIEF " will not allow anyone to view them.

Clinton lost Somalia and this was the straw that snapped and launch the beginnings of 911 , shouldn't we expect that if Obama utilizes the same tactics Bill used , that Obama will prevail ?


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